Effective Velocity is Apparently Not ‘Effective’ – Driveline’s ‘Study’ of Ev

The Great and Powerful Oz has Spoken - Effective Velocity Pitch Sequencing is of No Value        Time to Pull Back the Curtain                      Part 1 Driveline ‘Scientific’ Study In a recent blog article, Driveline Baseball did a “study”, at least their version of a study, of … Continue reading Effective Velocity is Apparently Not ‘Effective’ – Driveline’s ‘Study’ of Ev

Underload/Overload Training for Timing

  3 Bat Weights - Underload Overload Training Increases Bat Speed In 2001, I released the Hitting Is A Guess Video with Jay Bell, 2 time All Star shortstop and former ‘roomy’ in the Twin’s organization.  In this video, we introduced the concept of using overload and underload training with hitters, as well as using … Continue reading Underload/Overload Training for Timing

Death, Taxes & Groundballs

Brad Pitt played the character of Joe Black or ‘Death’ in the movie ‘Meet Joe Black’. Pretty ironic that Death himself was being informed by the greasy villain, that death and taxes were the only certainties in this world. While trying to eliminate your death and/or taxes sounds like a really good idea on the surface, it is only a matter of time before we have to make the ugly realization that they are both still coming for us all. For the past several years, very few articles done about MLB hitters fail to include the term ‘Launch Angle’ nor misses the opportunity of adding the famous line “just say no to groundballs.” Baseball hitters (and softball) have another certainty. Despite all the technology, the fancy terms, the tee shirts and the pleas of top superstar hitters telling everyone to ‘just say no’…………..groundballs are inevitable.

The Homerun Surge of 2017 & The Hangin’ Fastball

Occam’s Razor (Ockam alternate spelling) In ‘Science’, there is a concept to help researchers find the best path in reaching a solution to a query.  More of a guideline rather than a hard and fast rule, Occam’s Razor is a concept that advises researchers to start their search with the simplest solution.  With this latest … Continue reading The Homerun Surge of 2017 & The Hangin’ Fastball